St. George’s Day Virtual Celebration Camp

HELLO and WELCOME to our St. George’s Day Virtual Celebration Camp! Below sets out the programme with instructions and all the resources you will need for the weekend. Don’t forget to take pictures throughout the weekend and submit them as per the instructions below but remember to include your name and which group you are from. See you all at 10am on Saturday!

Saturday 24th April 2021
Set Up CampBuild your St George’s Day themed sleeping accommodation. There is a prize on offer for the best built fort/den, thanks to Adventure Pirate ( your photos here
10:00 - Opening CeremonyJoin in with the LIVE opening ceremony by CLICKING HERE
CraftsFollowing on from the opening ceremony, here are some crafts that we would like you to have a go at. You can choose to do as many as you like, but don’t forget to send us your photos!
Fire breathing dragonWatch the instructions here.
You will need: Inside of a loo roll, tissue paper, glue, googly eyes, pom poms, scissors
Submit your photos here
Egg carton dragonWatch the instructions here.
You will need: 2 egg boxes, coloured paper, black pen googly eyes, glue, scissors.
You can download the templates by CLICKING HERE
Submit your photos here
LEGO dragonWatch the instructions here.
Lego & Instruction Manual can be found by CLICKING HERE
Submit your photos here
Origami dragonsWatch the instructions here.
You will need a square piece of paper.
Submit your photos here
14:00 - CookingJoin us LIVE at 2pm by CLICKING HERE to make afternoon tea for you and your family.
The list of ingredients and recipe card can be found by CLICKING HERE and your video instructions are HERE.
Submit your photos here
19:00 - CampfireJoin us for a LIVE at 7pm by CLICKING HERE for our campfire featuring songs and skits.
Please could young people and adults wear their neckerchiefs.
Submit your photos here
Lights out, enjoy to your night in your home-made fort or den.
Don’t forget that all photos and videos should be submitted by 9.00pm!
See you all tomorrow at 10am.
SUNDAY 25th APRIL 2021
10:00 - St George’s Day CelebrationCome and join us LIVE at 10am by CLICKING HERE for our St George’s Day Celebration, including the renewal of the promise, fun from Mr Gooner, closing of camp and to find out who has won the best fort / den.

You want more?!

If you want to continue celebrating St. George and all that is England and Scouting, here are a few other online events that are happening on Sunday you might be interested in. 

  • Scoutadelic is putting on their 2nd Togetherness event @ 12noon, CLICK HERE for more details.
  • Also 2nd Uxbridge have been putting on awesome weekly campfires and they are doing their grand finale on Sunday night, go check them out by CLICKING HERE

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